Thursday, April 19, 2007

A review of Coleman College's / Coleman University's CIS program, part 3

7/6/09 UPDATE: Coleman College is now known as Coleman University - this review was written for their classes that I took in 2005-2006, so some things in their curriculum may have changed since then.

I covered what mod 2 of Coleman's core CIS program yesterday. Today, I'll delve into mod 3.

Mod 3 was UNIX and Operating Systems Installations

UNIX - this class was very similar to learning DOS commands. My original class was now grouped with the class that was one mod behind us. We learned how to use edit and the Vi editor. We also learned some shell scripting, using the magic number line. How to send mail and a whole bunch of other stuff that I really can't remember right now. Shows how much I really retained it, huh?

OS Installs - this class was mostly a bunch of labs installing various operating systems from DOS, Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, and Fedora. And the instructor would also teach us some Windows maintenance stuff... like going to My Computer > Manage and doing a defrag and whatnot. And installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software. How to use Windows Update. Whoopdie-doo... big deal.

Overall, this was the most boring mod ever. Who needs to learn how to install outdated operating systems? Oh, and the computers in the install lab were absolute crap... soooo damn slow. For a school where you're supposed to learn about the latest in computer technology, you'd think they'd have better computers... especially with all of the money you're paying them to go there.

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