Monday, August 18, 2008

My new iPhone!! :D

Well, sort of... it's new for me, but it's old.

That's not an actual picture of the one I have, but you get the idea.

I got an unlocked/jailbroken old gen iPhone for my birthday. Whee!! It's been a ton of fun playing around with it. I do have some gripes about it though...

Battery life seems kind of short for me... or maybe I just use it way, way too much, but it seems to get drained pretty fast.

It can't send/receive MMS messages! WTF?! Why have a camera built in if you can't MMS your pics? I guess they figure that's what the e-mail capability is for... but most people I know don't check their e-mail much these days since they're all too busy on MySpace or Facebook or whatever other social website there is that sucks up all your time (I'm more of a Twitter via Twhirl person than anything).

Speaking of the camera, it's a huge piece of crap. Can barely take a good pic in less than bright conditions.

The calculator has no "backspace" key. It's one of the better cell phone calculators I've used since you don't need to hit one button multiple times to pick between +-/*=, but I do miss being able to backspace when I mess up.

You can't use text or e-mail in landscape mode. So it kind of makes it a pain to type on the tiny keyboard... and auto-suggest is anything but helpful... at least there's an app to turn suggest off.

Every time I plug it into my PC via USB it constantly disconnects/reconnects. So annoying!! I think my laptop might have bad USB ports, but none of my other USB devices have that problem at all.

Other than those things, I really like it. It's nice having a keyboard even though it's a virtual touch screen one... it makes text typing and web browsing a lot easier.

I love having the internet at my fingertips. I had it before with Opera Mini on my other phones, but Safari works really well and it's neat that I can have multiple pages open. And, again, the keyboard and touch screen interface make it easier to navigate. It's also great being able to switch between portrait and landscape modes easily while browsing.

It's nice that the weather app is free and works amazingly well. On my old phone, I think it was $7.95 for a weather application that wasn't anywhere near as good.

Maps rocks too! I had it on my W810i and my 3220, but it works so much better on the iPhone and I love that I can see real time traffic since I could never get the sigalert website to work that well on any phone.

Despite some of its shortcomings, I think the iPhone is still a pretty good phone for me. I'd still prefer one with an actual keyboard, but at least it's still better than hitting buttons a bunch of times just to type one letter.