Thursday, February 05, 2009

Are all cockatiels like this?

We've been cockatiel sitting for someone while their house pretty much gets rebuilt (busted pipes flooded their whole house). So, we've had the cockatiel since around October.

She's so odd. At first, we thought that her eating every time she saw us was just eating because she was stressed out about being in a new place. Turns out that's not really the case. When we moved her into the garage while our floors downstairs were being worked on, it seemed like she barely ate much at all!

She only eats when there are people around. Seems pretty weird to me. And, man, is she a real attention seeker. All kinds of loud shrieking sounds if you just leave her sight for a few seconds. I really think she's just one really spoiled bird.

Another weird thing is that she likes sitting on people's shoulders, but when you open up her cage and stick your arm in for her to climb on, she seems so freaked out about going out. Once she's out she's fine.

Such a weird bird. Anybody else have cockatiels like this??